Minimizing Off-Gassing on New Mattresses

Several brands of memory foam mattresses arrive at the door in a tall box. Buying online is convenient, cost-effective, and quick. Once mattresses are delivered, customers take them out of the boxes and lay them flat. In a matter of a day or two, the mattress is ready to be used.


The area where the mattress is placed to regain normal thickness must be properly ventilated due to off-gassing. This term refers to the odor mattresses emit when the plastic packaging is removed. The machine process of rolling and packing the mattress in a box creates a chemical reaction to the product that ranges from mild to severe. Opening windows, turning on a fan, or putting the mattress on an enclosed porch at first is ideal.


Depending on the exact type(s) of foam used and the manufacturer the extent of off-gassing varies. Older models tend to emit moderate to high levels of off-gassing. In these cases, the odor may linger for a week or two, although it does diminish with each passing day. Those interested in a classic brand or model will want to research details online because many processes have been upgraded to reduce the degree of off-gassing in the product.

New Models

Brands and models being introduced on the market today offer minimal to zero off-gassing for their memory foam mattresses. Materials are more advanced, changes in processing and packing mattresses have occurred, and the industry, as a whole, responded to customer demands for less odor. Reviews and mattress guide websites are the best places to find honest assessments of off-gassing for just about every available model.

Read Instructions

Before removing the outer packaging and laying the mattress flat, read the instructions carefully. It is also critical to heed any included warnings and recommendations. Off-gassing is basically harmless but can exacerbate allergies, asthma symptoms, and respiratory issues.

Headaches, nausea, and skin irritations have been reported by customers who slept on mattresses too soon after opening them. People sensitive to chemicals or fumes will want to wait an extra few days before sleeping on their new mattresses. Select an option with low off-gassing to avoid any adverse reactions.